Trackman Education, Physical Fitness, Equipment


Trackman Education

trackman-logoTrackman is used for junior development in a very strategic way. It has specific uses for different ages and levels of play. Proper swing mechanics are built by Gord Burns while the truths of the learned mechanics of the swing are revealed, studied, and revised with the help of Trackman. Trackman is the industry’s leading launch monitor measuring 26 parameters of club and ball flight data. The numbers displayed on trackman combined with the fundamental reasons behind what creates the numbers are learned in great detail with Gord. This form of knowledge is recommended more so for teenagers and older who are better able to understand explanations of ball flight laws and what is needed to produce desired ball flights.

Physical Development

physical-trainingThere is huge importance placed on the CORRECT way your child should develop both mentally and physically. The differences on how your child is trained depending on his or her age is constantly evolving and subtle changes are addressed as they age. An 8 year old child has different needs than a 15 year old child. New in the fall of 2015 is an exercise program offered to kids ages 10 and older, to help them maximize their physical strength, flexibility, cardiovascular system, for increased stamina, energy, and faster swing speeds. In an ever growing competitive junior golf stage, GBurns Golf School added this curriculum to continue to maximize the speed in which children can reach their peak performance. For children under the age of 10, more leisure activities are suggested for the overall development of your son or daughter’s coordination, balance, and well- being.

Importance of Equipment

gord-smithAs your son or daughter grows, so does their need for proper equipment. Getting the proper length and weight of club is extremely important as they learn to imprint correct swing techniques. As they improve the speed and strength of their swing, having the correct shaft in the players club is the most important aspect of a golf club. As it pertains to achieving the desired ball flight and feel, club fitting is an important piece to the success of any player. Many top level players in the world have declined equipment contracts once they feel they have something that works for them. On the flipside of that, top players are continuously testing equipment to see if there is something better out there for them. One thing is for certain, juniors will always be needing to upgrade their equipment as they grow.

For all your equipment needs, there is one name I’ve trusted over the years for both service and quality. Custom Club Fitter Gord Smith, owner of Mcmahon Golf has joined forces with GBurns Golf School to offer you the best opportunity to have the best possible equipment. Gord Smith has been in business for 25 years and has built clubs for thousands of satisfied returning customers, some of which have competed on world professional tours. Nobody in the greater Toronto area is more experienced and knowledgeable than Gord at building quality golf clubs for your specific needs.