“Attending the Gord Burns Golf School in Panama City Beach in March of 2011 ‘Was our best golf vacation ever’. Those were the words of my wife, Janice Price, CEO of the Luminato Arts Festival. Considering we have travelled around the globe for our golf, this is high praise indeed. What made the trip so special was the way Gord tailored our golf instruction to our needs and desires. Our 3 to 4 hours of lessons in the morning zoomed by. We listened to Gord’s pearls of wisdom, combined with giving us interesting and challenging drills to hone our new skills. This would be followed by a round of golf on a championship course with Gord giving us on course strategy as well as Gord correcting any obvious swing flaws. It really was extraordinary to see how a top player analyses golf shots from tee to green. The lessons were topped off at the end of the day by video analysis of our game.  Our spacious condo which had all the conveniences of home, backed onto the picturesque white sandy beach which we enjoyed on our off day. When you ponder the fact that we had conservatively 40 hours of top golf instruction for the week, this trip was a bargain and we will definitely be back.” – Ian Findlay

“Gord was able to recognize several flaws in my swing and was able to explain the rational around the changes that he was having me make to my swing. The changes had immediate effect in both the ball flight and power of my shots. I found Gord a very effective and well educated instructor. His ability to not only explain swing mechanics but his ability to perform the shots he was teaching made it an excellent learning experience. The accommodations were superb and the entire experience was excellent. I would highly recommend this school to anyone that wants to improve their game. This is a very intense program and should not be attempted by the faint of heart.” – Len McGowan

“Since taking up golf 4 years ago I have worked with many of the city’s top instructors and find Gordie to be a cut above the rest. His knowledge and eye for the golf swing are very impressive and I feel that his coaching led me to break 90 for the first time in my life this past year. Gord is always there to make sure I’m practicing the right things for further improvement.” – Rupert Bramall

“With Gord teaching me I shot 65 giving me my first professional victory on the Great Lakes Tour. I just keep getting better the more I work with Gordie.” – Mark VonKalkreuth

“After attending lessons with Gord, I cut my handicap in half! Working directly with Gord on the course improved my shot selection and course management. The drills Gord gave me were great and directly improved my golf swing.” – Chris Seney