Teaching Philosopy

At the GBurns Golf School we listen and understand the needs of the different levels of players. Being able to dispell “myths” and reveal “truths” of what you see on television being performed by the best players in the world and prudently conveying that information is the foundation of the school. Teaching students the science behind the golf swing, how to learn skills effectively, and how to think in a way that serves to benefit you, are just some of the aspects you will learn as you embark on a lifelong journey of understanding this great game. So many technological advances have come to surface in the past decade with respect to understanding the truths and concepts of what creates great ball flight. With GBurns Golf Schools’ acquisition of a Trackman, Boditrak (Ground Mechanics), and Blast Motion,  Gord is better able to isolate key parameters to focus on during lessons to maximize improvements with students of all levels.  With the accurate and measurable data this technology provides, credibility and trust is formed between Gord and his students, eliminating doubts from the learning process. Learn the secrets of what to do to change your ‘Ball Flight’ and ‘Numbers’ for the better!!

Our training focuses on:

    • • Properly educating the use of your hands and feet

• Achieving control of your golf swing to make ball striking solid and consistent

• An understanding of how to control the center of mass of the golf club. Understanding the importance of how to lay the shaft down in transition for maximum control of club delivery. An understanding of how to achieve proper angles of attack, along with mastery of clubface control is essential for controlled ball flight.

• The importance of short game to achieve your lowest score possible

• The understanding that your mind (thoughts) and body exist together to perform golf

• Being able to recognize and diagnose your faults in your own game and how to practice to improve

• Translating what you learn on the practice tee so you can bring the new skills to the golf course

• Course management and  proper shot selection for lower scores

• Building a mind that is free of fear

• Using your imagination and memory to produce what you want

• Increasing your sense of “Feel” as they relate to proper mechanics

Gord has studied several “popular” methods that have been taught over the years, and has come to understand that the most important fundamental in a golf swing is achieving control of the center of mass of the golf club in transition. Proper kinematic sequencing, good wrist control and pivot control all contribute to achieving this goal. Over the years Gord has learned from many world class instructors in his own pursuits to great golf and ball striking such as Sean Foley,Jeff Smith, Scott Hamilton, Scott Cowx, Ron Gring, Brian Mogg, Bob Panisik, Mark Evershed and many of his playing professional peers as well. As of the end of 2018 Gord not only improved the players he coached but managed to boost his playing ranking to 5th in the PGA of Canada Player Rankings.