Private, Semi-Private,Virtual (online),Corporate, Playing lessons

Private Lessons w/ Gord Burns

30 minutes – $90, Series of 3 – $255, Series of 5 – $400, Junior developmental rate $750-10 sessions  (mat time costs are not included in the lesson price at Markham or Metro domes)

60 minutes- $175, Series of 3- $480, Series of 5- $750, Junior developmental rate $1300-10 sessions (mat time costs are not included in the lesson price at the Markham and Metro domes)

90 minutes- $250 Series of 3- $675, Series of 5- $1000 (mat time costs are not included in the lesson price at the Markham and Metro domes)

*All series packages must be completed within 2 years from the date of purchase.

Online Lessons w/ Gord Burns

Virtual Lessons- 60 minutes, $130… series of 5 $550

30 minutes, $70…series of 5 $300

For online virtual lessons, payment is done on a prepaid basis. Platforms such as zoom and facetime are mainly used. Enjoy your virtual lesson from the comfort of your living room, your personal at home hitting bay, or your favourite driving range.

There is a $20 extra charge for an additional person to attend the lesson, additional charge for balls/mat time for extra person(s) may apply as well.

For an on course playing lesson, the cost for a one on one lesson is $300 for 9 holes, which includes warm up time, $550 for 18 holes, green fees not included. For 2 players, the cost is $150 per player for 9 holes. For 3 players the cost is $120 per person, for 9 holes. 18 holes is $275 per person for 2 players, and $200 per person for 3 players.

A ‘New’ playing lesson option is available starting in 2021. Virtual golf, played in the GBurns Golf Studio Trackman 4 HD Simulator. Here, you can play on courses such as Pebble Beach, Royal Port Rush, and other world famous courses. Here you will learn on course applications in a controlled environment, how to manage your shot selections, and how to mentally bring your range swing to the golf course. This playing lesson is offered in a 2 hour time frame ( pace of play is super fast and convenient for saving time and green fees) The cost for this option is $275 for 1 person.

Please inquire with Gord directly with regards to hosting corporate events. The fee is based on the responsibilities for the day.

Gord mainly teaches at Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club located in Gormley as well as Bushwood Golf Course located in Stouffville.

During the winter Gord teaches the majority of his lessons at his GBurns Golf Studio Trackman HD Simulator. As well, he teaches at the Markham golf dome and Metro golf complex. You can contact Gord directly at 416.451.1063 or emailing