G.E.M.S. Mental Workshop

Golf Extreme Mind Science Program

Justin Ngui, Qigong Grandmaster, R. TCMP, B.ScH

gems-logoThis program has been specially designed by both Gord and Qigong Grandmaster Justin Ngui to deal with and develop the necessary tools to perform golf at a highly competitive level. Justin brings to this program the benefits from a lifetime of training the mind and body through the 5000 year old practice of Qigong. Through Gord’s 30 years of tournament experience combined with Justin’s knowledge of how to specifically train the mind and body to work as one unit, a whole new level of understanding is brought to the table for educating your son or daughter.

justin-nguiImportant aspects of both golf and life are tackled through this workshop, enabling your child’s understanding of his or hers’ emotional mind as it pertains to their performance. An example of such topics that are discussed and dealt with include tournament anxiety, consistent levels of concentration, how to think for better performance, fear and nervousness, as well as how to change habits for success. Learning to build trust in oneself to perform ones’ best while you are alone on the golf course with your thoughts, is the goal of this program. This is a very intense workshop with plenty of notes and activities to solidify the learning that has taken place.

“I have never known anyone as knowledgeable about the human body and mind as Justin and his father Stanley!! They have helped me with all aspects of overall health and wellness. They provide the best treatment for injuries and illness that I have ever witnessed, and being a patient for some of those injuries I can attest, 100% natural recovery.” – Gord Burns