Accelerated Junior Golf Development

For the past 10 years, Gord has worked with several junior golfers who compete in tournaments at the highest level of competition possible. Gord specializes in preparing juniors to compete at a level high enough to earn them a golf scholarship to the U.S. The journey of achieving excellence in golf has the side benefit of learning life lessons along the way. For the best results and for the kids to achieve this goal, they need to start with Gord at a young age. The recommended age would be approximately 8-10 years old to ensure successful development. Preferred hourly rates are offered to the juniors in this program to accommodate the higher frequency of lessons ensuring steady progress. Everything needed to be a successful tournament player at a high level is learned by the juniors; correct fundamentals, how to increase swing speed and accuracy, mental and physical training, and much more. Also, information on college scholarships is discussed with parents so they know what is involved in the process. Please inquire with Gord directly to find out more about having your son or daughter reach their potential in golf.

Below are a few success stories from the GBurns Golf School

Joseph KremerAge 21
• Started with Gord: Age 12, 24 handicap
• Current Status: +2 handicap, 4th Year EasternMichigan NCAA Division 1 Scholarship
• Low Tournament Round: 65, 2013 Canadian Junior Championship (3rd Place)
• Notable: Low Qualifier for 2014 U.S. Amateur
Spencer DobbsAge 21
• Started with Gord: Age 14, 8 handicap
• Current Status: +1 handicap, 4th Year Kent State University NCAA Division 1 Scholarship
• Low Tournament Round: 62, AJGA qualifier
• Notable: 3rd Place, GAO Under 19 Championship 2014
Julia ChampionAge 21
• Started with Gord: Age 12, 22 handicap
• Current Status: 0 handicap, 4th Year Western Michigan University NCAA Division 1 Scholarship
• Low Tournament Round: 68, Hurricane Junior
Golf Tour 2014, Julia has 3 NCAA individual titles thus far.
Owen Dick
• Owen started with Gord at age 13 and has earned himself a Division 2 Golf Scholarship to Barton College in North Carolina!! Congratulations Owen, your hard work has paid off!! He is being presented with the Scarboro Club Championship trophy here.
Cynthia Zhao
• Cynthia Zhao was finally able to play a full season injury free and earned herself an AJGA victory in Maryland. She earned herself an NCAA Division 1 scholarship to Hofstra University in Long Island New York. Always a hard worker, look for Cynthia to win again in 2018.
Kelly Zhao
• 11 year old Kelly Zhao (Cynthia’s younger sister) looks to further her dominance in her age group. She is a 3 time participant at the World Junior played in Pinehurst, and is never out of the top 3 in any tournament she plays locally.
Rasea Sheikh
• Raesa stepped into the Provincial winner’s circle in 2017 earning the U15 GAO Championship with scores of 72-76. She landed herself a spot on Team Ontario and continues to work with Gord. Look for her game to continue to mature into more victories in 2018.
Ava Koukofikas
• Ava is a wonderfully talented 14 year old that was just starting to shoot in the low 70s last June when she suffered a wrist injury that kept her sidelined for the remainder of the 2016 season. She cleaned up on the Durham tour in 2017 and also placed 4th in the GAO U15 Championship. Look for her to be a dominant force in 2018.
Connor Kanelis
• Connor Kanelis is a world of 9 year old talent and passion that only comes around once in a while. Expect Connor to be shooting par golf in tournaments by the time he is 13. That is my long term bold prediction. Anyone who walks arounds the house swinging clubs non-stop is on a pathway to greatness!!
Kyle Corrigan
• 18 year old Kyle has only been playing golf for a few years and had already shaved his handicap down to a 2. He is a naturally gifted athlete that plans on taking his game to the top of some leaderboards this summer. This young man has a great work ethic and a will to succeed that is a rare quality and only help him reach his goals faster.
Noah Campbell
• 14 year old Noah is passionate about golf and his swing and skills around the green are very impressive. Look for Noah to win some tournaments this year. His low tournament round was 72 last year, and I believe he will be shooting many low 70s rounds this year. Once his confidence kicks in, look out!
Roycee Southerland
• 14 year old Roycee got her feet wet in tournament play last year for the first time and managed to bring her scores into the 90s by season’s end. 2017 showed no signs of slowing down as she racked up several US kids victories and regularly shot in the low 80s. 2018 will be no different as she learns to break the 80 barrier with regularity.
Angi Lu
• 16 year Angi Lu has been working really hard over the past year and a half and showed some real improvement with some tournament scores in the 70s. Look for Angi to get close to shooting some tournament scores close to par if not par by year’s end.
Andre and Alex Zhang
• 12 year old and 10 year old Andre and Alex Zhang started playing in tournaments last year and I expect them to be contending in their respective age groups this season! Keep breaking barriers boys in 2018, you’re doing great!
Haden Wang
• 8 year old Haden Wang is a special talent that swung his first club at the age of 6 and has now drawn the attention of many for how good he hits it. He won a few events last year, and I expect he will win a lot of golf tournaments for years to come!!
Cole Hague
• Age Started 15 (6hdcp), Currently Age 17 (0 hdcp), low tournament score 69
Noah Ladak
• Age Started 14 (22hdcp), Currently Age 18 (hdcp 6)

Tanner Big Canoe

  • Tanner had a great season in 2016, winning the Durham Tour Order of Merit. Look for him to post some sub par scores in some bigger events in 2017!!



Courtney Howlett

Courtney is new to the development program as of the fall of 2016! By the end of 2017, Courtney found herself regularly breaking 90, and looks to start competing in 2018. With an unwavering work ethic, look for Courtney to bring in some tournament scores in the low 80s by season’s end. Anything better would be gravy.