About Trackman, Blast and BodiTrak


Trackman IV is the world’s leading radar measurement tool for the golf shot. The Trackman IV ‘indoor/outdoor with video’ model offers the golfer every piece of data one would need to analyze for use both indoors and outdoors. The device instantly measures 26 parameters of golf club and ball data and is used by most PGA and LPGA players, the world’s top coaches, and leading club manufacturers. The reason for its use at the highest levels of the game is simple….it is the most accurate machine on the market and trusted by the best in the business.

trackman-screenWith the combination of trackman data and the lifetime of knowledge of instructor Gord Burns, students are given the best opportunity for improving their game. Whether it is learning to control your club face angle, your club path, angle of attack, club speed, etc. Gord has tools, drills and exercises to alter your swing in such a way to make real changes for the purpose of improved ball flight…..which is MEASURABLE!!!

Will Trackman help every student? The answer is YES! This teaching tool provides so many different measurements, in which specific pieces of information can be targeted by Gord to benefit novice and experienced golfers alike.

Trackman-Gord-CynthiaTrackman is extremely useful in the development of the junior golfers, specifically the tournament players. As the junior golfers strive to achieve excellence at high levels of competition (ie AJGA, GAO, and CJGA championships, college tournaments), learning can take place at an accelerated rate. For the purpose of achieving a golf scholarship to a U.S. college, the time frame involved is of utmost importance for these students and this provides them an edge on the speed of their development, a definite advantage considering our Canadian climate. Trackman offers the important data needed for both indoor and outdoor development. With the world of junior golf rapidly becoming more competitive, it is necessary to be training on a 12 month basis, with all of the benefits Trackman’s technology has to offer.

For more information about Trackman, please visit www.trackmangolf.com.

Blast Motion

blast logoBlast Motion Golf sensor is an amazing piece of technology that helps golfers establish consistent tempo and other important swing and putting metrics to build a more consistent game. I specifically like to use it for putting. It is the number 1 putting training aid device used on both the PGA and LPGA Tours.


boditrak logoBodiTrak is an amazing tool used to measure foot pressure mapping. A lot of bad swing habits originate through improper use of footwork. By showing students where their foot pressure is during the swing and where it needs to be can make dramatic and immediate improvements in ball striking. People often feel one thing that is different than reality, so all of these excellent pieces of technology help bridge the gap between reality and perception. Gord has been trained and is a Certified Ground Force Boditrak instructor.